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wrightfood gets a tart-up, thanks to a great friend of mine

FIRST OFF: entry to win the Secrets of the Red Lantern book is still going – just leave a comment on that blog post for a chance to win the book!!

Bloody hell, this is a week of posts isn’t it!

So, this has been in the works for a little bit. I get itchy feet. I cannot have something for too long, without wanting to make changes – especially when it comes to my blog. This year I want to add a lot more content to this site, and keep it organised – but also make it easy for you lovely visitors to find back dated recipes and so forth. The site also hasn’t had a visual make-over since it was conceived over a year ago.

Originally I was just going to add some more set pages to my blog. I then got chatting to an old friend of mine, who just happens to do website and blog development work. One thing led to another, and a complete site redesign started. I did a basic Photoshop mockup for him, and he did the rest. And holy crap did he do a good job.

So, let me introduce Tristan Holmberg. I must have known this bloke for 10 years now, but yet we have never met, or worked together. We got chatting in a computer graphics forum one day – we both did 3D modeling graphics back then – I still do full time in my dayjob, and he still does some too. We hit it off, and have stayed in contact ever since. He also happens to be a rather talented DJ, who’s music and sets I enjoy very much.

So, Tristan and I got talking, and this whole site redesign just evolved. He knows his tech does Tristan, and it didn’t take long to get the prototype up and running. From there we iterated, made adjustments, layout changes and so on. I was rather pedantic, Tristan was incredibly patient.

I cannot recommend Tristan enough. He is fantastic. A wonderful guy to work with, and he really knows his stuff. If anyone is wanting a blog redesign, or website work, this is the guy to call. You can reach him here.

So – here it is. The new look of Wrightfood. Don’t worry, it is the same old me. The same content. The same four letter words writing style. Just a new look. So what has changed? – Well, some REALLY COOL NEW STUFF!!!

  1. Top menu bar – once I get my lazy but into gear, all recipes will be listed in these wonderful pages – you can find charcuterie recipes, seafood recipes and so forth up there – a quick access to my archive if you will.
  2. Rotating header image – OK, this is a little pointless, but it does keep things fresh – on each page reload it is going to show a different header image – just to keep things changing and pretty. And we all like pretty don’t we?
  3. clean, photography focused look – pictures win prizes, we all know that. So why not make the photography on this site more prominent? A clean look helps keep the photography forward.

So – what else do I have aimed for this year? Well, more technique posts and videos for sure. Some will be on cooking seafood (which is what I get most emails about), others will be on food photography. Stay tuned, it should be a great year for Wrightfood!!

And finally… I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to hear what people think of the new look, and plans for the blog. Good or bad, hit me with it. I can take it. Honestly. And if I can’t, I have Danika’s shoulder to cry on.

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23 Responses to “wrightfood gets a tart-up, thanks to a great friend of mine”

  1. Hey Matt,

    Love the design, it’s very minimalist, so clean and crisp. It has an online food e-zine look. Congrats! :)

  2. Nice, clean look. I like the choice of style for post title, date, etc. Well done!

  3. tristan holmberg says:

    Happy to have helped out Matti! I love the foods you prepare – working on this blog constantly made me hungry! Cheers everyone.

  4. Z says:

    Thanks for commenting, Matt! I love the blog, cleanliness is next to happiness! :)
    I am drafting an email to Tristan as we speak because I would like to believe I am having trouble posting due to the junkiness of my blog. I need order, and this blog has it. This menu bar across the top makes me VERY happy. I’ll be coming back!

  5. Just finished looking at your blog. It’s fantastic, and I’m subscribing!

    -Your dishes and photos are works of art.
    -I like the rotating header image.
    -Both you and Tristan are incredibly talented.

  6. ehhhhhh, I kinda liked the previous header and the grey background. But I might get used to the new thing.
    For my personal flavor, it’s a bit too clean (but, hey, look at my blog, you might say it is too colorful, so…)

  7. Y says:

    Love it, Matt! :)

  8. helen says:

    Clean, simple and modern. Love it!

    What you have planned for your blog sounds exciting; I look forward to those posts. Hope to read more about Seattle (love the city but always find myself at the same old places) and British food.

    Happy to have found your blog!

  9. mattwright says:

    Thanks everyone!
    Nurit – Justified for sure – as regards the header, just hit refresh a few times to see a new one :) The idea of this design was to keep it really simple, so your eye is drawn to the photography.

  10. Ronald says:

    Really love the new look Matt! Clean and fresh for sure.

    I’m all subscribed and waiting anxiously for what comes next!

  11. I think everyone said it here, but I’ll just have to repeat…CONGRATS on such a BEAUTIFUL new blog!!! It really reflects everything about you….clean, crisp, sharp, brilliant and gorgeous!
    No worries about crying on Danika’s shoulder, there’s gonna be some major love coming to your new site soon!

  12. Lang says:

    Hey Matt, good on ya for taking the next step. Re-designs are always a mixture of excitement and loss. I’m kinda missing that amazing photo of the fish (and the tattoo!) but improved navigation is the crux of the biscuit, as Zappa would say. I’ll give you some detailed feedback once I have a chance to look around.

  13. rachel says:

    oh top notch work you two it’s all looking very good.
    I will miss those silvery fish, that plump chicken and your tattoo though (still considering and need to tone up a bit before doing that)
    It’s worked by the way, your fabtastic photos seem to leap out more and the archives and index are great – you’ve got some great stuff in those archives and it all seems easier now.
    Love that you swear like a sailor and say bloke, you can take the bloke out of england but you can’t whah whah.

  14. Jillian says:

    I like the clean layout and the changing header image. Your photography is really inspiring.

  15. yes, I’ve noticed the headr changes.
    Well, maybe I just like some color.
    However, I think the font size in the post title is too large.
    Loved the other pages! Gorgeous photography portfolio!!!

  16. Zenchef says:

    Congrats on the new blog design. It looks sharp and crisp and goes so well with your great photography. I should stop here more often, you’ve got some great stuff! Just so you know, your name comes back often in NY food bloggers discussions. Take that as a compliment! :-)

  17. Heather says:

    My first impression is that it looks brighter, more airy, like you cleaned the windows or sommat. As long as your food, photos and writing remain, I don’t really give damn what you do around here.

  18. The bratty one (Diane) already commented, but know it’s my turn (the cranky one.) Love the new look, man. Beautiful and clean. Really shows off your great photography. I would have to agree with Nurit on the title font size, or maybe the black color. It comes out kind of hard. But like others have also already said, it’s you and your talent that really make your site. Save Danica’s shoulder for kisses instead of tears, your site rocks. Todd.

  19. Food Woolf says:

    Wow Matt! It looks AMAZING. I’ve been twiddling my fingers waiting for my designer to hurry up and do my re-design and get me over to WordPress…and now I’m REALLY itching to get my blog looking right!

    Inspiring, my friend. Inspiring.


  20. Giff says:

    digging the redesign. Crisp and clean :)

  21. redmenace says:

    I love the redesign! I’ve been meaning to change my blog forever. Thanks for the boost!

  22. Brittany says:

    I think it looks great. Like someone opened the window and let in some fresh air. ….

    The set up reminds me a little of Jen’s blog @ Use real butter. (link on my blogroll. I’m too lazy to post it). I’ve always found her’s to be one of the most beautifully designed blogs out there.

    I really think clean backround will bring more pop to your photos…which you know we all heart…

  23. pretty chic makeover–rotating banners are definitely hot :) specially that sandwich!