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Roast Goose

Turkey can go forth and multiply.

There goes half the readers of this blog.

I guess I shouldn’t make such a brash statement without backing it up with at least a modicum of fact. Well, perhaps not fact, but my views on that rather large, rather disappointing bird…

I have cooked a fair few turkeys in my time. I have roasted them straight. I have wet brined, dry brined them. I have stuffed them. Cooked both large and small ones. Some techniques do yield better results than others, but it is still a pretty darn bland white meat. The legs are better of course, but those normally get fought over so much I just say “what the heck” and let others battle it out. Gravy makes things better, but if you ask me (I know you didn’t..) if you have to smother something in gravy to make it decent, the starting product should be seriously contested.

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