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Making Salt Cod

There has to be something said for a recipe that combines the two big culinary focuses in my life – seafood and charcuterie (curing, preserving). Salt cod takes care of that.

Salt cod is one of those ingredients that I hardly ever use. In fact, come to think of it I have never done anything with it in my home kitchen. It is always on the menu in some form at a favorite local restaurant of mine, where it is impossible for me to have dinner there and not order something salty and fishy.

I got thinking the other day, and wondered how hard it would be to make. Turns out it is bloody easy. Easier than breathing. Well, almost. You know a dish is going to be easy when the name of it is also the full ingredient list.

Yes folks – to make salt cod you need… drum roll, no guessing now…:



BINGO! Well now, that can’t be too hard. Heck, I reckon even Sandra Lee makes stuff with more ingredients than that.

Click to see more photos, and read how to make this classic cured fish recipe

Savoy Cabbage and Caper Salad

Savoy Cabbage Salad recipe

Cabbage is not the sexiest thing to blog about. The whole group of vegetables that fall under the cabbage genus (is it a genus? I am guessing so) just conjure up images that are rather unappealing and the best of times.

My memories of cabbage really aren’t that good to be honest. The British have quite a history assaulting this group of plants, and quite honestly a lot of it could quite easily fall under the “war crimes” category, for it is that bad. I remember going over for Sunday lunch at my Grandparents a few times a year. Generally my grandmother was a great cook, she could knock a roast dinner like nobodies business. Cabbage however was another thing. The cabbage got boiled. Boiled for a very, very long time. “Fall apart tender” would be one polite description that could be used.

Click to see this cabbage salad recipe

Wrightfood green salad & garden

You know what is funny? My original plan was to do this post because I needed something fast to blog about this week. I know, I know, phoning it in… Times have been rather busy in the Wrightfood household – work is a bit nuts right now, so I wanted something fast.

This post has quite possibly taken longer than almost any other to photograph and write! Almost as long as the food photography post I did a week or two ago.

So yeah… a week and a half with no post, and all I give you is some green stuff on a plate and dressing. No fish. No cured meat. Just rabbit food.

Continue reading to see the Wrightfood garden and salad recipe

Kampachi Tartare


Ahhhh Kampachi. If you look rather attentively through my latest posts, that fish crops up a little bit ago. A couple of weeks ago I made a few skewers, and one of them held some wonderful Kona Kampachi fish.

Well, god knows why, I decided to send a link to the photos and blog entry to Kona Blue, the people that raise the Kampachi fish, in Hawaii. The delightful bunch of people there decided that they wanted to send me a Kampachi to try a variety of preparations with – mostly cooked.