Dinner at the Space Needle

July 23, 2007

First off I should say that I am not into posting negative posts. Food makes me happy, and I want to reflect that in my blog. Sometimes though, I get a little miffed at places, and feel the need to post about it.

So Danika’s brother and bird were in town this weekend. He enjoys going to the Space Needle for dinner, and wanted something nice for his girl. For him a restaurant is about the view/ambiance etc, as well as the food. I cannot disagree there, you often eat out for the whole “experience”. I love a restaurant with a good atmosphere, but I prefer a restaurant with good food.

This was also our first meal out where we had Drake in a high chair. Normally we have him in his car seat, or the Baby Bjorn. So, once we had cleared a 2 foot radius of stuff off the table around him, we were clear to go. His favorite trick right now is to pull a place mat or table cloth, and watch everything on it go flying. Bless. The little guy did absolutely great, most likely because he didn’t eat the food here.

OK.. that might be a bit mean. It wasn’t that BAD. It just wasn’t good. At all. A number of things ticked me off about the place. Firstly, most entree’s were around $45. To me, that is a lot of cash. If I am spending that kinda money on food, I want something amazing, and there is a ton of places in Seattle where you can get amazing food for that or less. Secondly, the primary ingredients. They are using high grade stuff. Their meats come from Snake River Farms, which do have great quality beef and pork. So I chose the double pork chop. The meat was actually great,¬†perfectly cooked, tender, and tasty. I cannot argue there. The apple mango chutney was decent enough with it too, but then you cannot go wrong with pork and apple. The problem I had was with the lentil stew. This had so much curry flavor to it that it completely over powered the delicate taste of the pork. To turn the knife a little more, this rocked in at 42 bucks. Not a small chump of change.

Danika had the halibut which was quite frankly pretty bad. The fish was flabby, textureless, and one might say almost mushy (for lack of a better description). The tropical salsa tasted bland, and could have honestly come from a supermarket. Again, a snip at $42.

Eric’s bird had the seafood pasta. I actually didn’t taste this, so I cannot comment too much, however when you hear “is that a mussel or is that a mushroom?” you know something isn’t right. To top it off, it looked like the whole thing had been drissled with sticky cheese.. The mussel shells coming out where covered in stringy cheese, and it honestly didn’t look appetising at all.

Finally the service. They forgot one soup order, and didn’t correct it immediately, but they brought the soup out with the main course, which of course then didn’t get eaten.

I hate to hose resturants, I really do. I enjoy eating out and look forward to when we can these days, since we have a new baby. I don’t enjoy tourist traps, and this was certainly one of them. If the food was in the low twenties, I doubt I would even be writing this post, however when you consider the cost of eating here, you expect something amazing, and not just a great view.

Plus side. The drinks were decent. Reminds me of a saying an old family friend has. She must be nearly 90 these days, and is still going strong. She is very much the host, and a good one at that. Recently when she was over and we cooked dinner for her, she was talking about food, and ended up saying “I never cooked a bad meal in my life because the drinks were good”. Maybe that is the Space Needle’s motto.

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