Steelhead Diner

December 3, 2007

Danika, Drake and I were in downtown today doing a spot of much needed Christmas shopping. By that, I mean Danika was trying to find a sweater for her, and I wanted to look round City Kitchens! Our list of presents to get this year is huge – we heading to see some family for Christmas, and have to buy for a lot more people than usual – but somehow we always end up picking up a few things for ourselves. We aren’t selfish, just shopping for other people always yields stuff you find for yourself! Danika did find a sweater, but alas I didn’t find anything I really needed in City Kitchens. I am after some decent carbon steel pans to use on my new range when the bloody kitchen finally gets done! Aparently by the end of this week the drywall, floors, cabinets and appliances will be done in the kitchen. I don’t quite see how, but hey.

Anyhow. We were in Seattle doing some shopping, and lunch time rolled around. I do have a small problem finding somewhere to eat in the heart of downtown. My favorite couple of places, Matts in the Market and Le Pichet are both crazy busy, especially around holiday or tourist season. Without a reservation at either, it wasn’t likely we were going to find a table. Other places are just expensive for no reason, just because they are downtown, and close to the tourist places.

I had been meaning to stop by Steelhead Diner and give it a go myself. I had heard some great things about the place (and a few bad..), and figured it would be worth a try one day. So today was that day. It isn’t crazy easy finding decent food in downtown Seattle when you have a 1 year old lad strapped to your hip (Le Pichet I am sure would have welcomed him, but there would just be no space for the little nipper). Thankfully Steelhead welcomed the little bloke, and all the waitresses flirted with him continuously, which was of course absolutely fine by him. He does love the ladies. Bless.

The lunch didn’t start of great. I managed to knock a whole tray of drinks on our waitress, but to my amazement she was great about it, didn’t phase her at all. She recommended the crab cake to start, and that sounded pretty good. Well, it was good. I have cooked a few crab cakes in my time, but none compared to this. Sure, it was $14 for one cake, so it should have been – but this was honestly one of the best I have had in a long time. The only negative I could say is that the sauce was a little too strong for the delicate cake. So what next.. Well, they have a Pimm’s Cup listed on the drinks menu, so I had to obviously have that (Pimm’s Cup is a very British drink, normally had in the summer but if you ask me great all year round). Next up was their fried petrale sarnie, which was decent too, but not a patch on the crabcakes. A great light flavored fish, dressed well, it was a tasty hot sandwich, but nothing compared to the catfish sarnie at Matts in the Market.

And that was lunch. The place was great – really welcoming to kids, loud enough so that if Drake kicks up a fuss it is OK, but quiet enough to have a good lunch with burst eardrums. If you like your food fried, this is certainly worth checking out. The only niggle to be honest is that with a coffee for Dani and a Pimms for me the bill came out to over $70 with tip for lunch. A little on the steep side for two sandwiches, a crab cake, and drinks. Seems like the prices have the good old summer tourist tax on em. But still, on a foul day it was nice to finally get out.

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