The parents we never thought we would be

March 23, 2008


When Danika was pregnant with Drake, we did a whole bunch of thinking about what kind of parents we would be. We are both pretty happy, mellow people (Danika more than me, if I am being honest), so we figured we would be happy mellow parents, and we are. From all the deeper stuff like that, we started to think about the more obscure parts of being a parent.

We got onto thinking about those annoying new parents that proudly show off their kids artwork on their fridge. Nothing wrong with that. What is wrong is the parents that thing their child is next DaVinci, based purely on the scribble on teh fridge that is quite obviously (well duh) Mum.. or Dad. What is wrong is that they force you to look at the bloody scribbles every time you go into their kitchen. "We aren’t going to be that sad we said".


That was obviously a lie. Drake did his first painting a while back, and he did it at daycare. Danika and I both work as artists (day jobs), so we obviously figured that we would get Drake doing some art, but we didn’t think it would be that soon.. I think it was around 8 months when he did his first finger painting. Drake’s teacher was super happy with Drake’s artwork that day. She of course showed it to us, kept it for a bit on the wall, along with all the other kids artwork, then gave it to us a short while ago. Now, I am not going to say anything dumb like "Drake’s was the best of the class" (it was… opps), but we rather liked it.

We liked it so much, that we wanted to display it in the house. But a small picture on the fridge didn’t quite cut it for us. We liked it a lot. We had been looking for some abstract art for our stairway for a while, and hadn’t found anything. Until that day we got handed a Drake original.

So, what arrived in the post last week was a 4ft x 4ft stretched canvas copy of his lovely finger painting. Blimey, it was big. You measure things out, and you never quite know how big it is going to be. It was bloody perfect.

So yes, we are those parents that demand you see our son’s artwork every time you visit. We aren’t going to be tacky and drag you into the kitchen to see a crumpled up scribble on the fridge door. We are going to have it so that every time you open the front door, it is there, right in front of you, hanging in the stairway.

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  • Vanessa April 24, 2008 at 12:52 pm

    Hi Matt, I found your blog while looking up what a cornichon was – a somewhat obtuse route but suddenly I thought I had found my husband’s alter-ego! He runs a music company, has an 8 year old and a 10 month old to contend with and his real passion these days is cooking. He will love your blog and when he is not hogging the kitchen, I try to do my best to cook Asian or British 🙂 Your son’s artwork story is fantastic! Gilles our boy has only presented me with a foot print from day care so far – I wonder how that would look blown up by our stairs here in Holland! To make you jeallous we have an amazimg market in the city centre twice a week – so no excuses! Groetes uit nederlands, Vanessa