WFD: King Salmon, green beans, peach and mint coulis

July 31, 2007


You have to love local fresh incredibly ripe peaches. There is something about that sweet flavor of a peach that screams summer at you. I remember as a kid on holiday in Greece I would scoff down peaches like they were going out of fashion. Many a picture was taken of me with peach juice all over my face. Maybe it was those ripe Greek peaches that founded my love for this amazing fruit. I enjoy plating fruit and fish together, and this version today has really come out great. Fruit is a winner with fish in my book, the lightness of most fish goes great with the sweet subtle smooth flavors of fruit. Fruit sauces work great with Salmon. Really great. In the Wrightfood book I have a recipe for salmon with a brilliant apple and blackberry sauce, which is a great end to summer.

I am rather glad this came off so good actually. I decided to get most of the ingredients for this week’s food from Madison Market this weekend. I really enjoy this store, I love that it is a co-op, and the produce there is consistently decent. The fish counter isn’t too bad either (can be hit and miss sometimes though..). The carpark however leaves a lot to be desired. Especially yesterday, when I was shopping. Thank god they had some¬†amazing peaches and some great king salmon. Why thank god? I really mashed up the front end of our car on a pillar in the carpark. Doh! Pulling into the carpark, I drove straight into a pillar whilst I had my eyes scanning for a space. Bugger. A series of 4 letter words followed, and I got out to view the damage. Thankfully I was the only one in the car, and didn’t hit anyone else. I now officially hate that carpark. It is definitely going to need some decent surgery.

So back to the food. The king salmon is pan seared in a little olive oil. The green beans are simply steamed until just tender. Anything else with the beans or fish would detract away from the coulis. The dish would work great with some grilled salmon too, in fact it could be almost better with grilled salmon. Why didn’t I grill it? Quite simply I just didn’t feel like firing up the BBQ! And finally the coulis. Quite simple really. In a small saucepan 2 chopped peaches are cooked with some water and a little sugar. When the peaches are really soft I push this through a fine mesh sieve. I know I know.. a coulis should be blended and then strained. Danika was sitting right there with Drake, who was fast asleep.. so there was no way I was going to start up a blender, and wake up our son! So the coulis was strained through a fine mesh. A couple of leaves of mint are finely chopped, and added to the coulis. This is left to cool to room temperature. The mint adds an extra level of freshness. Just enough mint to freshen, but not enough to make you go “wow, there is definately mint in this”. Mint is a great herb for fruit, just for that reason.

What a perfect meal on a summers day.


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