WFD: Lettuce Wraps, plum dipping sauce

June 28, 2007


Whenever I am not quite sure what to cook, some how we always end up with a stir fry. Nothing wrong with that of course, but well, everyone needs a change sometimes. Stir fry’s are great, they can use up a ton of stuff in your fridge, that would otherwise go bad, and they take no time to cook what so ever. So, I wanted something that would use up a few things, not take long to cook, and be pretty light.. Today was a hot day, and we never seem to want to eat that much when it is hot.

I have also tried a bunch of different lettuce wrap recipes. One of the better ones uses cabbage, and the wraps are made before hand, and then steamed together. They taste pretty great. They are a little more work than I was planning on this evening though!

So.. here we are. Chicken lettuce wraps, with plum dipping sauce. The sauce is just diced plums, sugar and water, cooked down for 20 minutes, and allowed to cool. The chicken is chopped, and mixed with grated fresh ginger, green onions, cilantro, a red chili, sesame oil, and fresh garlic. Nothing special really! This is quickly wok-fried over a high heat, with a dash of soy sauce. Finished with some toasted sesame seeds, and more soy (for those not being eaten with the dipping sauce).

The lettuce is nothing special either.. Just an iceberg. That was the only slight downer of this one for me.. I am not a keen fan of iceberg lettuce… Sure it is nice and crsip, but it really tastes of nothing.. but a crunchy, strong, largish leaf is needed for these, and not much fits that bill.

Well, they tasted great, and worked really well for a fast mid-week meal. The plum sauce was a little bit of a star actually. I wasn’t expecting that much from it, but it had a really strong plum taste, with a perfect balance between sweet and tart. Gotta find more places to use it now!


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