“WFD” What’s for dinner?

June 23, 2007

I cook. I cook a lot. But I honestly don’t share that much of what I cook. For every dish that I consider good enough for the book, at least 10 don’t make it.. maybe 20. But there is some good food there, that is still tasty, but maybe not that different enough for a book.

It came to mind that it could be fun to share it all. Good recipes, and not so good recipes. Intimate weekend feasts, and fast weekday meals. Quick lunches, and more obscure experiments.

So WFD is born. Everything I cook is going to get posted on this site. Whether it is a 2 hour cookfest, or a quick midweek stirfry of left over vegetables.. It is all going to be on here. It is going to help me keep new content going on this blog too!

So without further ado.. back to the kitchen! yay.

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