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crw_7085_s seared elk backstrap, red wine & juniper reduction

A guest post for RasaMalaysia. Elk backstrap is seared and sliced, served with some great lard roasted potatoes, and a red wine sauce

crw_7085_s Beef, mushroom and rice noodle salad (Goi Bo)

A fantastic and fast Vietnamese beef and noodle dish. Full of fresh herbs and flavor

crw_7085_s Braised Oxtail Ragu

I was in two minds whether to post this. I am rather unhappy with the photograph.. the lighting sucks (mainly thanks to me not using my scrim to diffuse light coming through the window), the composition ain’t great either. It put the whole photograph together in a rush.

crw-7010-thumb1 Duck and Cognac Rillettes

I got a few requests in both comments and emails for recipes from the meat party that we just hosted. Some of the recipes are on my blog already, but some are new.

img-1484-thumb Seattle Food Bloggers Meat Party!!!

Are you sitting comfortably? This might be a long post.. I am not quite sure how to start this post to be honest. This event has been a few months in planning. Planning, which has been in my mind since I attended quite possibly the best party ever, hosted by WhiteonRiceCouple.

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