seafood recipes

how to oil poach fish
how to oil poach fish

A fast and simple way to cook delicious, flavorful perfectly cooked fish
shrimp and rice soup recipe
Shrimp, Wild Rice & Spring Vegetable soup recipe

A simple fast and tasty shrimp soup, enriched with wild rice and crisp spring vegetables
black cod recipe
Slow Roasted Black Cod Recipe – with VIDEO!

A simple seafood dish of slow roasted black cod, glazed baby carrots and a great lemon/butter/caper sauce. Video how-to for the whole recipe!
bottarga pasta recipe
bottarga pasta recipe

A simple pasta dish of grated bottarga, garlic, herbs and spaghetti click to see bottarga pasta recipe
halibut and mussels recipe
Seared Halibut, flageolet beans with 4 hour sofrito, garlic confit and kale

Seared halibut served with a heady mix of flageolet beans, slow cooked sofrito, garlic confit, kale and anchovy
halibut and mussels recipe
Herb and citrus crusted halibut, roasted and dressed beet, turnip à la grecque

Crusted fish made healthy. Here halibut is crusted with a mix of panko, basil, parsley, mint and lemon zest, where the crust is roasted to a golden brown, not fried. Served with some simple roasted beets, and turnips cooked in a court bouillon, which is then reduced to a glaze to coat this wonderful root vegetable
halibut and mussels recipe
Seared Halibut, Mussels & onions in a cider broth – VIDEO post!!

Crispy seared halibut, with mussels and onions cooked in a cider broth. Video step by step of making this recipe!
steamed halibut recipe Steamed halibut, roasted porcini mushrooms, pickled sea beans, lemongrass sauce
A fast, simple and very healthy dinner. Halibut is steamed, served with roasted porcini mushrooms, a wonderful vibrant lemongrass sauce, and pickled sea beans
clam chowder recipe Citrus Cured Copper River Salmon
A simple fillet of salmon is cured for 3 days in salt, sugar, and citrus zest. The result is incredibly light, delicate, and very vibrant. Perfect for lunch with a simple green salad
clam chowder recipe Clam and Pork Belly Soup – Clam Chowder
Whole manilla clams, braised pork belly, slices of fried fingerling potato, with a light broth and a little creme fraiche
salmon crudo recipe King Salmon belly crudo, radish and fennel slices, mandarin gastrique
Thinly sliced king salmon belly sits with some finely cut radishes and fennel, all brought together by a simple mandarin gastrique sauce
grilled mackerel recipe Grilled Mackerel, Flageolet, Guanciale, Preserved Lemon & Parsley Oil
A simple dish of really great ingredients. Some lovely grilled mackerel sits atop a mixture of wonderful French beans, fatty pork, and preserved lemon. This is all brought together with a little parsley oil.
miso-soup1 Seafood Miso Soup
Whenever I haven’t eaten seafood in a while I always seem to end up doing a big mix of the lovely stuff in bowl. This was absolutely no exception.
crw-6428-thumb1 Yellow fin tuna, sage oil, hibiscus salt
This is a break from traditional Japanese tun presentations. Raw tuna is paired with a vibrant sage oil, and hibiscus salt. Recipe provided!
crw-6452-thumb Dearie’s Fish Pie
You remember Dearie right? No? She is my mother. I did a post a while back about cooking with her when my folks were here for a long visit. Oh, and then there was the post about us cooking Meringues together too.
crw-6452-thumb Halibut, Mussels, Fennel, Potato and Lovage – en Papillote with white wine and saffron
Cooking Fish “en Papillote”, or in parchment is a great and quick way to cook a really flavorful meal.
crw-6452-thumb Pan seared Walleye, potato and celeriac cake, pea puree, butternut squash ribbons – or FISH AND CHIPS!!
A British Classic – Fish and Chips gets reinvented
crw-6452-thumb Crispy skin Kona Kampachi, Mussels, Risotto Bianco, Chanterelle, pimentón mussel broth
Delicate and light, the Kona Kampachi gets presented with some mussels, a little risotto, and a wonderful bright and fresh mussel/smoked paprika broth
crw-6452-thumb Silver Smelt two ways, roasted beet and savory salad
Fresh local silver smelt get fried and grilled, and served with a wonderful roasted beet salad
crw-6452-thumb Grilled mackerel recipe, with a bacon and dandelion leaf salad
Mackerel fillet quickly grilled, and served with a fast and easy bacon and dandelion leaf salad
crw-6452-thumb Pan Roasted Halibut, French cut Romano Beans with Lardons, Salsa Verde
Halibut, seared in a pan then roasted in a hot oven is served with thin cut romano beans, bacon and a light Italian salsa verde
crw-6452-thumb Seafood Paella
Mussels, clams and shrimp form this quick and easy paella
crw-6452-thumb Seaweed Salad with watermelon radishes and garlic scapes, grilled mackerel
A simple and fast, healthy salad of various seaweeds, garlic scapes and vibrant radishes, with a light dressing, served with grilled mackerel – all fast enough for lunch
crw-6452-thumb Pan Seared Scallops, Red Onion Confit, toasted pine nuts and sage oil
Red Onions slowly cooked in red wine, with toasted pine nuts, and a vibrant sage oil. All sitting under some seared scallops
crw-6452-thumb Pan Seared scallops, beans, frisée and chilli
A quick and simple dinner recipe – pan seared scallops, on a light salad for frisee, beans and chilli
crw-6452-thumb Pan Roasted Striped Bass, roasted tomato puree, grilled fennel and olive/anchovy tapanade
A rich roasted tomato puree, with grilled fennel, and a wonderfully crispy skinned striped bass fillet
seafood_risotto Seafood Risotto
A seafood risotto recipe using halibut cheeks, mussels and shrimp, with a saffron base
true_cod_with_clams_recipe True Cod and clams, sea beans/rocket/English peas, fines herbs fish broth
Cooking with Mum. A great mix of seafood, in a clean crisp, easy fish broth
true_cod_with_clams_recipe Caramelized Miso Rice cakes, crsipy skin salmon, sesame julienne vegetables
Rice cakes are broiled with a topping of miso paste, and finished with some sesame julienne vegetables. Crispy salmon skin closes the deal

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